I’m a programmer currently living in Brighton, England. I’ve been working professionally in the games industry since 2014.


Currently I’m working as a Senior Software Developer at Unity Technologies.

In my roles within Unity I’ve worked in many different areas, mainly focusing on performance, optimisation and serialization. I’m now focusing my attention on building the best possible internal tools and services for our developers

Off Grid

2016 - 2017

As a programmer on the upcoming game Off Grid I oversaw the transition of the codebase from a prototype to a more robust and scalable framework and lead the creation of the games extensive modding tools, which I delivered a technical talk on at Develop: Brighton in 2017

Feral interactive

Grid Autosport

Lead the addition of the Android platform to Feral’s internal libraries to support the port of Grid Autosport to the Android ecosystem

Alien: Isolation™ - The Collection

I was the Lead Developer on the macOS and Linux port of Alien Isolation. Currently available on Steam and the Mac App Store

DiRT 3 Complete Edition

I was a Developer on the macOS port of DiRT 3 and had a part in transitioning the game from Games For Windows Live to Steam

Black & White 2

I was a Developer on the 2014 macOS port of Black & White 2